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landslides: what happened, and then what happened
By yam on May 4, 2007
i consider it a serious offense that i have not updated my dear fotola in nearly 8 years. when the update comes, it shall be massive and sweetened naturally by sugar cane juice. i get out of school sooner than is convenient for my slacker self (must watch 13 webcasts before the bio final in a few days), and then i will have a month in which i really will have nothing to do other than sit with a few cats on my lap and upload pictures. i would rather spend that time hiking across the world, or at least camping in yosemite, though (i went to yosemite for the first time since you last heard from me! a couple of other things happened, too. like earthquakes and de-disillusionment and self doubt about choice of major).
so let's go camping!

later i shall prepare a tentative list of things to cook while i'm home, as well as a list of all the places i would like to hike in, and what picnic items to bring.

what am i thinking of that starts with a "B" and isn't bocce ball?
By yam on December 30, 2006
chocolate covered coffee beans (henceforth referred to as cccb) are not the best choice of snack item when one is bored but sleepy deep into the night.

mia's kitten, ki, who sleeps under my blankets at night and in my pants legs when i am in the bathroom, always smells a little bit like poo.

my new year's resolution is to create a list of resolutions before new year's day. therefore, on new year's day if i do not have the list already done (and why would i have completed that resolution before new year's day?) i will have to go back in time to make the list. i have not done such things (resolution-making and time travel) since fifth grade. we shall see how it goes.
P.S. one thing on the list is going to be about thermal shirts and pants. ever since i rediscovered my 10 year-old thermals yesterday, we have been inseparable and i practically freeze to death if i have to take them off to put on outdoor clothes (which do not permit layering of pants and thermal pants). in fact, when i gave blood today my temperature was below 96.0°F (pulse 68, b.p. 103/62, hgb 14.0) because there were no thermals on me to melt the snow caps with a growing tropical sun.
unfortunately the thermal shirt sleeves stop an inch point five short of my wrist, thus letting in the frigid air that the heater blasts forth when it first turns on. life is so difficult.

if i hadn't eaten all those cccb i would probably be in bed by now, lying in an uncomfortable position because any move i make causes pookie to growl and hiss and threaten to claw my eyes out. the once sweet pookie pie turned into a demon when ki came into the picture. ki is getting a lot of attention and pookie is jealous. ki gets food more often than pookie. ki playfully attacks pookie and doesn't stop when pookie growls/hisses/screams/bites/swipes/runs away. pookie is hella pissed off and she takes it out on anyone, especially me. her distress makes me distressed as i lay in bed with ki snoring happily in the crook of my knees, and pookie sitting on my arm and alternating between purring and growling close to my eyeballs.

littleguy, of course, is wonderful and fluffy and cuddly and purry and hungry as always.

By yam on December 6, 2006
you know how freud believed mistakes give clues into unconscious wishes? last, last night i was avoiding writing my final essay for englais, so i crocheted an ipod nano cover for my secret santa recipient for two hours and then got up to get more tea to stay awake.

i was joyfully hopping down the stairs to the kitchen, and then i tripped and sprained my ankle. luckily my mug remained snug in my hand during the fall and is in perfect condition!
it was hilarious... ridiculous... but i still think the time i busted my lip open on my roommate's chair while trying to lower my head so i could see the TV guide website on her laptop better was funnier.

then i had to rest, ice, compress (not), and elevate for two hours, so i physically could not work on my essay. freud thinks i unconsciously wanted to get hurt, that jerkface.

i tried using crutches for 10 minutes on the way to class, but all they did was give me some lovely bruises and scrapes in my arm pits. i will just hobble to class tomorrow.
like HOUSE! which i watched for six hours on saturday. D:

she is so annoying
By yam on October 12, 2006
my dear fotola, let me first assure you that i have not left you for that flirtatious flickr. flickr has not received any more attention from me than you have. ok, that's a lie -- i look at my contacts page every five minutes... but i also look at fotola once a day and i certainly haven't uploaded any photos to flickr! and for my second order of business, i shall list some things which i would like to accomplish over winter break, the breakiest break of the year.

-oh my god, so much cooking
-do something

everything else (beach, forest, san francisco, crochet, buy more sparklers) is standard on all my to-do lists.

in regards to cooking...
have i not told you about the food here? in this private housing common i always unintentionally refer to as home? it's a good story. more like disgusting and my arteries are going to hang themselves. but i'll tell you later. or whenever. i already wrote it down.

i wonder why i haven't gotten that bitterectomy yet?
By yam on August 18, 2006
today i discovered the live action sailor moon tv series on youtube. a terrible monster in me has been unleashed!

i leave tomorrow, but i haven't packed anything yet. not one thing. hmmm... better spend more time watching sailor moon. that will help my possessions put themselves in paper grocery bags in a timely manner.

real live sailor moon!!!!!!!

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