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another job well done.
by yam on January 3, 2005
this reminds me of the type of pictures i used to take with my old, disobedient, i'll-just-use-flash-whenever-i-feel-like-it, i'll-also-lie-about-my-battery-power camera. that camera still knows green and blue better than my digital camera, though.
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This green is most certainly very nice. But now it's time for REAL, GERMAN, Pretzels.
flip_flop38 - Jan 03, 2005

And Happy Late New Year!!
flip_flop38 - Jan 03, 2005

Excelent, very gooooood
iparada - Jan 03, 2005

Beautiful image with fantastic green color and reflection!
rpsnet - Jan 04, 2005

Great greens really, and lovely puddle.
hkdivine - Jan 04, 2005

Very nice pic! Great colours and reflections!
jtravassos - Jan 05, 2005

Gorgeous! Very good shot.
fabiana - Jan 05, 2005

Thanks for the visit, certainly, are a type of cactus, this is the flower and in the photography of alongside this the "fruit" This is also a very good photography
andreu - Jan 05, 2005

thank you for your visit and comments! you have such an impressive gallery.perfect!!!im not logged too, im too lazy! :)
manray - Jan 17, 2005

I read about Mrs. Messinger and how she doesn't consider photography art. probably cause she isn't good at it. And I'm very sorry about the Japanese program not working out... maybe you can just come to Montreal instead? AND I'm sorry about finals, we had all of ours before the break so I've gotten that over with. And I amazingly didn't fail english. =) Anyway, good luck on YOUR finals, and I will post pictures from Germany as soon as I get them (they're on my Dad's and Grandpa's computer)
flip_flop38 - Jan 17, 2005

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