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by yam on May 10, 2005
i didn't take this picture -- either mama or mia did. i keep seeing it on the desktop and thinking of putting it online, so i did while i was procrastinating.
look at the smile on that baby. i still expect to see him when i hear quiet scratching at the door.
i want to talk about him because he was so great, but i can't around mama because she always gets upset.
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Bill - May 10, 2005

hahahahahahaha! awww...
messica - May 10, 2005

I think I took that photo... i have a print of it in my photo-box. Also I always got doubles, which would explain why we both have a copy.
alia - May 12, 2005

awww how cute :)
flip_flop38 - May 14, 2005

So great
iparada - May 15, 2005

great !!
looks so cozy!!
serial_me - Jun 18, 2005

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