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Josh in the fast food place
by yam on July 23, 2005
Eventually we walked back to this little... "restaurant" which just so happened to be the first place we saw after stepping out of the station (just a coincidence that this type of thing happened at every meal............ yo). The food in the display case looked really good, and it was cheap! Instead of verbally ordering, we put money into a machine, pushed the button with our order's number on it, received a ticket, and gave that ticket to the cook. No tax or anything... BUT, we had to eat standing up, sipping udon over a counter. Too bad if you're tall! So it was actually fast food, only delicious! Even though my udon was cold (it was supposed to be hot...) it was still really good. It had 2 fried tofu skins, mmmmm.

Then we rode the train back to Yoyogi Olympic Center, where I walked into the wrong room on the wrong floor. The end!
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KAIJA!!!! JAPAN sounds like it was so much fun! definitely a lot more fun than camping was... even though that was fun too. and it also sounds like you had a lot of delicious food. so anyway, i hope you're in palo alto august 25th-22nd, cause i'll be there too, and we can go to the beach again and it'll be lots and lots of fun.
flip_flop38 - Jul 23, 2005

flip flop38 is quite right, Japan is such fun...and the food is DELICIOUS

now that you described that "Ikebana" image your way...I can see the water and the trees reflection you said !
thank you to make it as beautiful as that.
and i love reading you here and your comments around fotola.
enjoy your time in Japan more and more !
serial_me - Jul 28, 2005

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