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Fotola Reborn
By csnyder on June 26, 2011
Well, it has been an interesting week!

We are back online, but missing about two weeks' worth of data, which is locked away on a non-responsive server somewhere in the wilds of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

So you will only see photos through June 5, 2011 on the site right now. I hope to be able to recover the missing weeks in the near future.

Many, many apologies for the outage and the time it took to respond. We are now running on Amazon EC2 with full daily backups.

You will find bugs because of this transition. Please report them to

Still Here
By csnyder on April 24, 2009
Happy Spring, indeed. The light in Manhattan is beautiful this year, much cooler and cleaner than usual.

Fotola continues. Six years in, and the photos feel small, there are still no tags, and our things are still as quirky and enigmatic as ever. We're not flickr. We're not fotolog. We're web 1.2. Thank you for calling us your home away from home.

Comment spam update
By csnyder on January 16, 2007
I closed a loophole in the comments code that was allowing shady characters to spam your Fotolae, even if you had comments set to "members-only". Grrr.

I also did some profiling and deleted 218 such comments posted since December 15, 2006. This may have inadvertently deleted some real, anonymous comments, but I doubt it.

If you notice new comment spam on your entries, please post a message to one of my entries to let me know. They weren't posting to any of mine.

And happy 2007, Fotola!!!

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