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Ida hits NY...basements flooded
by animus on September 2, 2021


while the rain was pouring outside,
it was drip, drip, dripping in the studio,
thankfully in an area where nothing could get ruined.

i checked the basement to see if anything was coming in from the street
but it appeared dry.

however, this morning
we went downstairs and noticed water on the floor
but it wasn't ground flooding,
it seems it came in around the duct work from the roof

some of the boxes where i had stored my random thoughts had clearly gotten wet
but not only last night,
i believe it first happened from hurricane henri, over a week ago

i changed out about 8 boxes
and only found one painting that had damage:
mold and separated corners
so i washed it and put some corner clamps and some weights on it
to see if it can be salvaged

i have not seen the actual painting but this is a real work of art..................!!!

i found out about the floods in nyc this morning when watching the happy to hear that you have not been really affected.............
maximorgana - Sep 03, 2021

the boxes on the other side are the ones which got wet...............???
maximorgana - Sep 03, 2021

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