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roland meledandri: he loved this park
by neene on February 13, 2005


today i went to the park to see the gates.

i walked the paths familiar to me from childhood and ended up at the great lawn.

last may my brother and i chose 3 different possible benches to dedicate to our dad. he was cremated and we had scattered his ashes around the central park reservoir (where he ran almost every day) but we had never created a permenant memorial for him. since the park was one of the places he loved the most, it seemed appropriate to mark his life here.

it hadn't been in my mind to investigate and i had no idea whether or not the plaque had already been installed but as i walked towards the grouping of benches that we had considered, i wanted to know.

but every seat seemed filled,
and which was the bench that we had actually gotten?
how would i even see if it was there?
ask everyone to move?

but as i got closer there was one seat free
one where no one was sitting,
and it was his...

very beautiful neene
watermark - Feb 14, 2005

mY G_D whaT?<?<
imeaN thaT WaS/is Soo sucH mm
HEarT wArMinG
souL SatisifYinG....
(I kneW yoU waS/were:ARE BleSSeD!!!!
bin_dada - Feb 14, 2005

bruce - Feb 14, 2005

on all levels a beautiful tribute
inthegan - Feb 14, 2005

hello. central park!

anyway those 30 shots were all from a show i did last thursday in Oregon.

11days - Feb 14, 2005

oh neena!...
edueca - Feb 14, 2005

inthegan put it perfectly
hanna - Feb 15, 2005

yes, inthegan set it perfectly

serial_me - Feb 21, 2005

luisa_in_response - Apr 01, 2005

neene......that is very moving about your dad...the park is a magical heavenly place
nobody - Aug 19, 2008

so so very so so moving................
maximorgana - May 22, 2014

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