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in a harsh light...manhattan
by neene on May 12, 2018


the other day,
i came up from the subway
through an exit that seems to double
as a homeless shelter

it is a little off the beaten track
and there are usually 8-10 guys living there
it is very sad
and rather unpleasant

this time as i came through the turnstile
i noticed 4 cops hanging out
i look to my left and there are newspapers spread out
with an empty bottle
but no people
and it's very light and bright

as i proceed up the steps,
around the corner,
up more steps to the street
i encounter no-one else

but i get outside
and there
against the building
are the remains of people's homes, beds, belongings
all being swept up and hauled away
and it was eerily quiet

until i got a block away
and then
there were so many lost and vacant men
just wandering around


oh your other post has a total completely different and new meaning to me...........what a feeling of defencelessness, helplessness and social guilt and unfairness...............

this is no good at all................
maximorgana - May 13, 2018

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