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~Life Is Good~
by sparkyleigh on October 17, 2003
Leigh R. Hilbert

And your ability to paint rainbows within your photos ain't too bad either!! Thanks for the comment....psssssst...guess over to fotolog and check the "most viewed" list real quick. *ahem* :)
sunartique - Oct 17, 2003

Oooooh - this is really great. WOW!
daisy - Oct 17, 2003

it sure is!
nice catch man
patisfaction - Oct 17, 2003

Beautiful catch . love the double effect.
garnite - Oct 17, 2003

Yes Nice, well caught 2 in 1. The violet to UV vibes out . Once I did "see the end of a rainbow" while flying/landing on a plane: no pots of gold could be seen though.
digitalis - Dec 28, 2003

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